The Cloud

This is one cloud you want hanging over your head! The anticipation of this new Apple product is growing at a tremendous rate. The iCloud will be released fall of 2011.  Here at Nimli we did a little research on this new Apple product and here’s what we found out….you will be able to access your photo’s, music, emails, documents, and several other items from any iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Mac or PC.  When you sign up for iCloud you automatically get 5GB of memory for free!! And the best part about it is all of your Apple purchased Apps don’t count toward that memory so essentially members won’t have to purchase any additional memory.  Also the iCloud backups all of your data so if something was to happen you could go back to specific day or time.  The best part of it once you download the iCloud that’s it there’s no updating, snycing or management required it does it all for you.  From our research it seems that a membership for iCloud is running about $25 per year, BUT we DO NOT know that for sure so don’t quote us on that :)

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